Lavoro in Svizzera

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Jobs in Switzerland, a country with so much potential


Deciding to look for work outside of Italy , in this case seek work in Switzerland , as well as starting a business, you certainly are not ever made a choice to be made lightly, being actually a very important step of your life.

And this, not Particularly Because It is difficult to find a job in Switzerland, or launch a business on Their Own, but rather Because, of course, decides to leave Their country to another Involves big changes and confront a new reality .

Manners, Customs, traditions, as well as the language may be of hard rocks to tackle alone. The birth of this site is exactly the intention and purpose of trying to help All Those people who have DECIDED to look for work in Switzerland.

In trying and hoping to help, it was DECIDED to divide the site into several sections and each one of them will help to Promote the search for a job in Switzerland.

There are many practical Reasons though Switzerland is always at the top of pleasure to live and work.

Those That you know are, for instance, pay less in taxes , you can Earn More , as well as the repute you and your family will be able to enjoy a high quality of life , as well as a higher education system without forgetting the health care system . In fact, the Swiss are so well organized and efficient to the point That this its important features to come to be Recognized with being regarded as one of the best currently existing in the world.


In Which canton look for a job in Switzerland?

You are looking for work in Switzerland? If so, you’ve actually DECIDED to Set sail and if you’ve DECIDED to look for work in Switzerland, as well as starting your own business, your gateway to Switzerland could be the canton of Ticino , Which is, then, the natural landing for Those coming from the south of Switzerland.

With more orderly in Ticino you can Recognize the sweet rhythms, as well as finding more easily who speaks your language. The canton of Ticino welcomes you with its rivers, with its lakes, with its chestnut woods and with its tidy campaigns, not to mention its mountains.

The Grisons is, However, the border between the German and the Italian canton. Here there are over six hundred lakes in addition to the famous St. Moritz.

The French side is Represented by the Valais , the land of the great glaciers and the “four”, crossed by the Rhone That fuels the beautiful Lake Geneva, Also known by the name of Lake Ceresio. While on Lake Lucerne, also known as the Lake Lucerne, it is the place where stands the monument to William Tell.

I know Switzerland is not only a place where you can find work, but it’s Also a nice country and rich in culture , the history , the breathtaking views of pristine nature , where you will be able Both to work and is a visiting known and popular resorts as well as major cities.

Switzerland, Although officially is called the Swiss Confederation , is a federal state, Which is then formed by well 26 cantons Which are independent .

With just over forty thousand square kilometers it is interamene wedged in the Alps without any outlet to the sea.

The cities of Zurich and Geneva , as the main international financial centers, they can certainly offer greater job opportunities in Switzerland . In addition to this you also have to consider That Are Those That These two cities have a quality of life Which happens to be the highest in the world.

But Lausanne , St. Gallen , Lucerne , Winterthur , Basel and Bern are other cities That you can offer excellent job prospects in Switzerland.

In 2013, the per capita income in Switzerland was found to be superior to eighty thousand dollars , thus confirming Further to be one of the more economically prosperous countries in the world.

When searching you also have a job in Switzerland Know That a third of the workforce is active in the secondary but Which two-thirds is in the field service industry .


A job in Switzerland is a guarantee of better quality of life

But look for jobs in Switzerland not only means you can enjoy a better quality of life for you and your family. Find a job in Switzerland Also it means going to integrated into a reality and in a social context That risultarti could be a little ‘different than your usual and customary.

From your school rimescente you remember That the country is basically divided into three cultural and linguistic regions That are fundamentally different. In fact they lived together for centuries in Switzerland Italian reality, French and German .

"Swiss languages" by File: 1.png Swiss languages ​​- Kokiri at en.wikipedia - File: 1.png Swiss languages.  Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.Lingue in Switzerland

In seeking work in Switzerland must Also Know That These divisions only language, are not always coincident Within the so-called “boundaries” cantonal. Not for nothing the Swiss population bases its strong sense of Belonging to the common historical path, as well as in its institutional foundations and national myths, such as That of Arnold von Winkelried epic figures of fighter knight.

In seeking work in Switzerland you must always remember That it is a nation Which knows very well the possible difficulties That may be encountered in changing country. This derives from its history, from the repute as long ago as 1830 More than two percent of its population was Represented by people who had like in search of work in Switzerland.

Only in 2012, the statistics show this Increased presence in More than twenty percent, thus confirming the high sense of hospitality provided and the wide possibilities for job seekers in Switzerland.

Another thing you need to know, and this for informational purposes only, and from 1992 to 2005 More than tripled the acquisition of citizenship , ie the famous naturalization . In alone, in 2009 they Became Swiss citizens over forty thousand residents.

In 2012, Approximately sixteen percent of foreigners were Italians come here to find work in Switzerland.


What are the realities where to find a job in Switzerland?

Although Nestlé globally is the largest food company, Switzerland is not only food industry , or watch industry . Not for nothing are of significant Importance to look for jobs in Switzerland, even the ‘ chemical and pharmaceutical industry , but Also the’ biotechnology industry , as well as the ‘ mechanical industry , without forgetting That the insurance industry and the bank are two of the Protagonists Swiss finance.

Not for nothing the one That is the most venerable international financial institution is located in Basel , and the top places of the financial center if they contend Zurich , Geneva and Lugano .

In seeking work in Switzerland Also you must know That the country is Recognized globally with a research center . In fact, the federal government bases its well-known prosperity even on brainpower and innovation , Which are to be provided precisely by Those Who decides to go look for work in Switzerland.

These people are Therefore regarded as actual resources for the country.

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